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A Lace to Call Home

1920s 90s dress emerald green Lace retro Victorian vintage

So, when I found this emerald green vintage number while thrifting years ago, it instantly flashed me back to my teenage years of watching "Blossom" and falling in love with Eriq LaSalle on "ER." (Yeah, ok, I watched a lot of TV. But TV was way more awesome then.)

Sometimes I wear this piece when I'm feeling a 90s grunge vibe with my Express denim jacket, black combat boots, and my simple long gold locket necklace from Forever 21.

But, on moody rainy days like today, I take her for a 1920s spin. I paired her with a rose pink cardigan with gold embellishment on the left shoulder, classic black Mary Jane shoes, and a short cameo necklace worn with another long gold necklace with beads, both from my favorite jewelry company, 1928. The cardigan breaks up the goth-iness of the lace, I think, and softens the look. I also think it plays up the romance of all the lace. 

When you find a vintage lace dress like this, often it has long been separated from any under slip that might have originally came with it. But don't let that make you pass this up! If you don't have a long black whole slip to wear underneath, I wore this with a simple black tank and long black half slip underneath. A lightweight black skirt (with no bulk) worn underneath will also do the trick!

Hope you had a great weekend loves! Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

Dress: thrifting

Pink Merona cardigan: purchased on Instagram but I can't remember where, if I bought it from you please let me know!

Jewelry: 1928

Hair: Shea Moisture, cruelty free beauty line

Makeup: Milani Cosmetics, also cruelty free!

Live and Love Cruelty FREE dolls!

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