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Sooo...What is Toya's Story?

If you can remember back to high school, for some more recent than others, do you remember the girl that was kind of quiet, a little bit different, and completely socially awkward? 

Yeah...that was me. And, still is. 

Growing up I've always dressed a little different from everyone else, thought a little differently from my classmates, and pretty much didn't really care enough about what other people thought to change my weird self to fit in. 

So, my story is really one about growing to embrace who I really am - flaws and all. No, I'm not saying I love my flaws, there's a difference. I realize all I can do is try to grow and expand and learn, but overall imperfection I can't completely do away with at this space and time, so I have to learn how to move forward past my mistakes, lay down my regrets, and love who I am TODAY.

Fashion can help us do that. Express our own personality. Love who we are today, right at this second. Not when we lose the weight, or have a bigger bank account, or drop our pregnancy tummy. Right NOW. Feel beautiful, feel empowered, feel like YOU 8.0!

When you look good, it helps you feel good. When you feel good, your words feel weightier, your head is held a little higher, your stride becomes a little wider, your smile starts to come from a place deep inside and not just on the surface. 

That's what the drive behind Toya Story is all about. I'm not just here hocking clothes. Anyone who has come into my Drop In & Shops, asked for advice on my Instagram page, came in for a one-on-one styling appointment, will tell you that. I am here to help women find their style, find their fashion niche, learn how to work with the present size and shape they have going on, camouflage what they want and accentuate the positives. If you already have a strong fashion sense and identity I am here to enable you to affordably add to your collection with carefully curated pieces so you can continue to wear those designer pieces with a strut in your step!

Fashion is not a popularity contest. And when we've put on a few pounds, or are feeling down, we don't have to wave the white flag. I believe, as I always have, that every. woman. is. phenomenal.

That's Toya Story. So, what's yours?

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