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Never Tutu Much...

Why Every Dame's Wardrobe Needs a Tulle Skirt

I am by no means a fancy schmancy girl, but I do looove a good tutu. The reason? I don't necessarily wear it to elegant dinners or wedding receptions. I'll rock a tulle skirt grabbing pizza with a girlfriend on a Friday night, or on a Tuesday meeting a customer to drop off an order.

My usual modus operandus is to wear my black tulle skirt with a more fitted graphic tee, I love the play on contrasts. In fashion, as in food and often music too, contrasts are your best friend! You have the fancy, frilly, full skirt with layers of swishy tulle, playing against a funky cleanlines t-shirt. I often pair it with either my black combat boots or even my black floral Converse All Stars, again, for contrast to the frilly skirt. To accessorize I choose lots of bracelets calling my inner 80s Debbie Gibson, and a simple ponytail so as not to compete with the clothing ensemble.

So the next time you see a tulle skirt, don't rule it out because you're thinking, "I have nowhere to wear that!" Yes, they're perfect paired with a cream lace blouse for anniversary dinners or a navy sequin tank and a pretty pair of heels for a night to the theater, but they're also a natch for a night with the family to grab Chinese, or a day of outlet shopping with your sister friends!

{C R E D I T S}
Top: Instagram shop @wardrobe.redoux She's such a sweetie!
Tulle skirt: eBay, just search "black tulle skirt midi length" I usually try to stick with US seller, less wait and hassle!
Jewelry: Instagram shop @mod.posh Love her!
Make-up: Milani Cosmetics, Instagram @milanicosmetics,, i only use cruelty free!
Hair: Shea Moisture product line, also cruelty free!

Thanks for reading dolls, leave a comment if you like! Xoxo

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