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Tea for Two

Such a lovely rainy day today, I needed to wear something warm but comfy too. The perfect time to mix a couple of prints. My tea-riffic (sorry, I had to) 90s 100% Shetland wool sweater from LIMITED is super cozy and keeps me so warm I almost don't even need a coat. I guess that's why sheep don't wear jackets. Hmmm...

Anyways, I paired the large graphic pattern of the sweater with the tight pattern of the plaid midi skirt. Generally, when mixing prints it's a good rule of thumb to pair a large print with a small or tight print, with complementary colors. If you're getting started in the print mixing world, Pinterest is a great place to start for inspiration. I wore a denim chambray collared blouse underneath and a wide camel belt to visually give me a waist, and my chestnut brown vintage 1940s shoes. 

Have a great week, loves, and thanks for reading!

Sweater: Limited

Chambray too: Ross

Plaid Midi Skirt: vintage

Shoes: vintage

Hair: Shea Moisture, cruelty free

Makeup: Milani Cosmetics, also cruelty free

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